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Pressure Wash Made Simple


Honing And Polishing Marble


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Remove old banister wall and Install Solid Oak with 3 inch Plexiglass sections.


  Judge Lee Chambliss did another amazing job hand crafting a Solid Oak wall with 3 inch Plexi glass inserts held in by a solid aluminum header.

   Below are some before and after pictures of our project. There will be many more posts to follow of Judges amazing craftsmanship and our other professional contractors.



Boat AND Yacht Watch - PLUS SERVICE

Home Management Services is proud to announce that we are now watching homeowners boats and yachts, from Little River to Georgetown. 

Honing and polishing marble floors

Here you can see what a difference it makes on your natural stone floors after they have been honed with diamonds and polished. When this is done professionally as seen in the two pictures above that I have posted from one of my residence that I take care of, you can see the beautiful shine and brilliance as well as the reflections from the natural and top lighting. There is no doubt when you hone and polish the natural stone it is so much nicer than the factory finish. Again, if there are any questions about this process feel free to call or email.